“Kozanitiki gizleme pie” (minced meat pie with leek)



5 sheets of alfa “kihi” filo pastry

1 cup olive oil

5 medium leeks

2 onions

1/3 bunch parsley

1 cup egg noodles

700g minced lamb with beef

3 eggs






In a wide and shallow pan, heat 1/3 of the olive oil. Add the leeks and onions diced into small pieces and fry on a medium heat and fry lightly without letting them change colour. Stir from time to time and after about 10 min, when the onion becomes transparent, add the minced meat. Stir allowing the minced meat to half-cook for about 6-7 min. Add salt and pepper and remove from heat. Add the egg noodles and stir. Allow the mix to cool thoroughly, then add the eggs and the chopped parsley and stir well. Take 3 filo pastry sheets, grease each one with a little olive oil and place in a large and shallow baking pan which has been basted with a little olive oil. Make sure that the filo extends well outside the baking pan. Using a spoon spread the mix over the filo pastry inside the baking pan creating a thin layer. Cover the layer with another filo sheet, crinkle it slightly and drizzle with olive oil. Cover again with the last filo sheet crinkling it slightly and greasing it with a little olive oil. Take the edges of the filo sheets extending outside of the baking tray and turn them inwards to form a crust. Place a drinking glass in the center of the pie and cut the pie around the glass. Divide the pie into 12 pieces, but don’t cut through to the bottom. Drizzle the rest of the olive oil on to the pie and sprinkle with a few drops of water. Preheat the oven to 180ºC then place the pie on the bottom oven shelf. Bake for about 1 hour or until golden brown so that the bottom becomes loose from the baking tray. To get a crispier pie, bake the pie on the bottom part of the oven during the last 10 minutes. The pie is ready when it can be easily removed from the baking tray.




The egg noodles will absorb most of the liquids resulting in the pie becoming softer on the inside while crispier on the outside.