“Cycladitiki” vegetable pie with fennel & mint



6 sheets alfa “kihi” filo pastry

1 kg various greens (sorrel, mangel, spinach etc.)

2 small leeks

6 small onions

1 bunch of fresh mint

1 bunch of fennel (or dill)

300g feta cheese

2 tea spoons salt

freshly ground pepper





Wash and dry well all the greens and herbs. I usually spread them on towels in order to get them dry. Chop them in a big bowl. Add the fresh onions, leek, mint and the fennel. Sprinkle with a little salt and rub the whole mixture between your palms. Let the mixture stand for 15 min. Then squeeze the greens with your hands in order get rid of their liquids. Put them in a bowl, add the freshly ground pepper and the cheese which has been cut into small pieces. Add ¼ of the olive oil. Grease a shallow baking tray, 40cm-wide with a few drops of olive oil. Take 3 filo pastry sheets and grease each one with a little olive oil. Make sure the edges of the filo pastry sheets overhang the baking tray. Spread half of the mixture on top creating a very thin layer. Place one filo pastry sheet over the mixture crinkling it slightly. Drizzle it with olive oil. Spread the rest of the mixture creating a very thin layer. Cover the whole pie with the rest of 2 filo sheets which have also been greased with olive oil. Turn the edges of the filo pastry sheets overhanging the baking tray. Place a drinking glass in the center of the pie and cut all around it with the help of a knife. Then cut the pie into 12 pieces and drizzle a few drops of olive oil on ti the whole pie and sprinkle with a little water. Preheat the oven to 180ºC and place the pie on the bottom oven shelf. If the oven is fan-assisted, place the pie on the middle oven shelf at a temperature of 160ºC. Bake for 1 hour approximately until the pie loosens itself from the baking tray.




Greasing the filo pastry sheets with olive oil and crinkling them will allow the heat to pass through and make the pie very crispy.