Balkava with pistachio nuts



30 sheets alfa “politiko” filo pastry

200g butter

500g pistachio nuts


For the syrup


600g sugar

500g water

A few drops of lemon juice




In a blender grind the peanuts with some sugar into a powder. Grease a shallow baking pan (40*27*5cm) with butter at room temperature. Place 15 filo pastry sheets in the baking pan, one on top of the other, throwing a few drops of the melted butter in between. Place the pistachio nuts on top so as to create a layer and cover with the rest of the pastry sheets one by one, while greasing each sheet with butter. With a sharp knife, cut the edges of the pastry sheets overhanging the baking pan. Cut the baklava into small pieces and spread the melted butter all over the top. Tilt the baking pan all-round so that the melted butter spreads everywhere in the baking pan. Preheat the oven to 150ºC. Place the baking pan on the bottom shelf of the oven. Bake for 1 hour 30 min approximately, until golden brown throughout. If not cooked thoroughly, the pastry sheets will become wet and will not crisp up. To make sure that the baklava is well baked, pry the corners with the blade of the knife. The baklava and all its pastry sheets must be golden-brown through to the bottom.


For the syrup


In a pan place the water and sugar and stir until the liquid starts to boil. If you continue to stir after boiling, the syrup will crystallize. Continue boiling for 3 min and finish by adding the lemon juice. Drop the hot syrup, little by little onto the baklava. Don’t be alarmed by the froth on the syrup. This is because the hot baklava will immediately absorb the liquid. Allow the baklava to cool down so that all the syrup is absorbed. Don’t keep the baklava in the refrigerator, as it will lose its crispy texture.




Place the unbaked baklava into the refrigerator for a short while prior to baking so that the butter sets. Afterwards, using a sharp knife separate the baklava into pieces. This ensures that the baklava’s shape remains intact.