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New ad from alfa pastry, starring its founder

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MAY 03, 2019

Through a cinematic advertisement that magically revives Kozani in the 50's and gives off aromas of freshly baked pie with exquisite ingredients, Thanasis Koukoutaris, the founder of alfa pastry, narrates its’ story sheet by sheet.

The story begins when a 15-year-old boy started making and baking at his own home Kichi pies, the traditional Kozani recipe, and selling them in the town square. In fact, himself alone made a lantern with charcoal to keep them warm all day!

It was this ingenuity, combined with his daily efforts to improve his knowledge and skills on how to make the most delicious pies, that led to the creation and establishment of alfa pastry. Its innovative products, from Kihi and Kassiata pies to the modern ones like the ready to fill "So Easy” pastry sheets, have won the preference and love of all consumers.

Because, behind every alfa pastry pie, there is always the passion and knowledge of the one who made it first. The passion of Thanasis Koukoutaris, who enclosed in his recipes the pride of his place for the local pies and, in 1950, created the authentic Kihi, which to this day holds the first place in our hearts. It is the same taste that goes into every alfa pastry pie, along with the best ingredients from selected Greek producers.

And, as he himself says in the epilogue of alfa pastry's film:

If there's one thing I remember from my school years, are the words of my teacher, who told me:

"Thanasis, I don't know about school classes … but in pies you get alfa (A’)"



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