Our Staff

Our Staff

Alfa acknowledges that the passion for safe, high quality and high nutritional value products can never be achieved if the hands that passionately knead them aren’t optimally trained and committed to our vision.

Our employees are well-trained, continuously aspire to further training as per the latest developments in their sector, act as a whole and have an excellent understanding of our goals and our vision.

alfa sees to it on a daily basis that training seminars, specialization, information on new techniques and methods concerning production, supply, distribution, sales and service are adequately provided.

The continuous growth in the number of employees, the need for further increase in production capacity and alfa’s continuous expansion in new markets are our main driving forces which in turn demonstrate our constant state of readiness.

Currently, alfa employs 220 people in the following areas:

• Production

• Laboratory

• Microbiology Lab

• Quality Assurance

• Research & Development

• Storage

• Distribution

• Sales

• Administration

• Management