Our Background

Our story begins 40 years ago in a beautiful town of Macedonia, called Kozani – a city with great history and tradition, a town that boasts hospitality and gastronomy based on traditional recipes and the freshest ingredients of the Greek land.

alfa is a family business founded by Athanasios Koukoutaris (Mr. Thanassis), who started the business in mid-1950 by making and selling handmade pies.

In 1965 Mr. Thanassis establishes “A. Koukoutaris Co.”, acquires the first delivery van and begins to build up distribution by covering all the surrounding areas of Kozani.

The distribution network continues to grow and in 1977 expands to include Central Macedonia and Thessaly.

The 1980's witnesses the first stages of the company’s industrial development and the start of mass production.

In 1985, the 2 collective partnerships of Ath. Koukoutaris Co. and Aikaterini Koukoutari and Co. merge to form the SA company that exists today.

In 1990's the company modernizes and sales spread nationwide.

In 1996 new facilities are created in Kozani encompassing 4.500 sq. m. total surface area.

1998 sees the founding of the Athens branch and the addition of another 2.500 sq. m. surface area to the existing facilities in Kozani.

The years between 1998-99 marked the company’s explosive growth as the “KIHI” spreads very rapidly nationwide, gaining a huge consumer base.

In the decade following the year 2000, sales and distribution centers are established in all major cities.

In 2004 private stoage and distribution facilities are established in Athens, Thessaloniki and in Ioannina in 2005.

2005 also sees the establishment of our subsidiary in Bucharest, Romania.

Between 2005 and 2009 Alfa occupies the leading position in the Greek market.

In 2008 the production facilities are further extended by another 5000 sq. m. and self-owned cold storage warehouses are built in Bucharest.

Exports grow rapidly and expand to Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Today alfa holds the leading position in the Greek food market.

Our national network includes 50 regional distributors and 11.000 points of sale.

Our production plant is one of the most modern industrial plants in Europe. Always adhering to the highest international quality and safety standards ISO: 9001-2008, HACCP, IFS, BRC – alfa blends premium, all-natural ingredients with respect, passion and care to create pastry products of a distinct Mediterranean character, high nutritional value and exceptional taste.

alfa has a dominant presence in retail (major supermarkets, etc.) as well as foodservice (bakeries, cafes, hotels and mass catering).

The loyalty of our consumers encourages us to devote even greater effort in maintaining our continuous commitment to Quality, Safety and Innovation.